At the age of 22, Sam Button has come a long way from picking up the guitar at 10 years old. With a foundation of strong interests stemming from genres such as Jazz, Hip-Hop, Minimalism, Classical and World music; Sam has cherry picked from many inspirations to aid him in developing his own sound.

This openness can be traced back from a background where his parents introduced him to a wide array of music and musicians in his formative years and would later lead him to pick up the guitar and look develop his own voice in music. These influences could be seen to seep into his early playing and compositions and would give him an inquisitive mind to seek other genres of music out there. This led to his discovery of Jazz music. With this and a discovery of film composers such as Joe Hisaishi and Tan Dun, Sam looked to expand his musical knowledge by attending Leeds College of Music for Jazz and Production in 2015. It was here, under the amazing tutelage of a number of professors from the Jazz, Production and Film Music departments, Sam was able to pursue these emerging interests. Furthermore, living within Leeds’ creative student scene gave him the opportunity to collaborate on a number of student projects from documentaries and animation to live art performances. His pursuit into film music has also led him abroad to attending the ASCAP Hybrid Film Scoring Workshop at NYU in 2016, where his skills were pushed even further with the guidance from individuals such as Michael Levine (Cold Case, Siren) and Sean Callery (24, Homeland).

Having graduated in 2018 from Leeds College of Music, receiving a First Class with Honours; Sam is now looking to branch himself out as a composer and arranger, already seeing his work internationally.

Sam Button - Freelance Music Composer/Arranger